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Our Surf School

As for us being surf lovers we try to transmit to each one of you the true Surf Culture and BEST knowledge possible for you to have the most fun possible in the ocean and off course it’s what we try to transmit in the surf school.

You will be surfing with Local People and we will bring you regarding the conditions of each specific day to the best surf spot.

Our Surf Instructors have the FPS (Federação Portuguesa de Surf) & ISA (International Surfing Association) Level 1 & Level 2 Credentials, that means that we teach from Beginners, Intermediate to Advanced Levels and all our Surf Lessons include Brand New Wetsuits and Surfboards, with a fully Insurance and free Transportation to the best Surf Spot regarding your surfing level.

Focused on those surfers that really want to improve at the most we also do Surf Training sessions which include a video session so that during the surf session we can analyse whats going well and what need improvement.

We keep a ratio normally not more the 3 to 4 people per surf instructor which means that each one of you will have the attention that is necessary for you to have the best time surfing and improve the most possible your surfing skills and technique.

In each lesson we will be on the water for approximately 1.5 hours which means that you will have plenty of time to have some nice waves and a lot of fun.

warm up on the beach

Warm Up

As for any sport we start our Lessons with a warm up so that we can prevent any kind injury.

explanation before surf


From the Beginner surfer to the more advanced one before we jump in the water there’s always na explanation of the surf conditions, the surf spot itself and of how will the lesson take place

demonstration on the surfboard before going to the water


Specially for the first time Surfer there is always time for us to demonstrate on the surf board and catching waves what we are asking you to do.

starting th surf lesson on the water

Going on the Water

The Surf adventure begins and will be the beginning of your new life, which is being a Surfer!

catching waves

Probably one of the best feelings that you will have in your life as soon as you start taking waves and sharing great moments with mother nature on its big Ocean!

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certified ISA instructors

FPS Certified Surf Instructor Level 1 & 2

ISA Certified Surf Instructor Level 1 & 2